Friday, February 13, 2009


Churchy Panic
Churchy LaFemme, famous triskadeikaphobe. From an early 1970’s Pogo strip.

Yes, it’s Friday, and as Churchy LaFemme was wont to exclaim, “Gyack! Friday the 13th come on a Friday this month!”

Superstitions aside, luck (or the lack thereof) is given free rein on Fridays, for luck - chance, fate, karma, however you choose to label it - plays a critical role in deciding what tunage I listen to. And for that, we can thank the “shuffle” setting on my Little White Choon-Box.

What’s playing today? Let’s just take a look:
  1. To Cry You a Song - Jethro Tull

    I discovered Jethro Tull as a freshman in college, several months after their third album (Benefit) was released, and listened to them constantly for the duration of my time in college. Years later, I would discover that one of our closest friends, JoAnn, is a cousin of Glenn Cornick, bassist on the first three Tull albums.

    Flying so high, trying to remember
    How many cigarettes did I bring along?
    When I get down I’ll jump in a taxi cab
    Driving through London town
    To cry you a song.

    Its been a long time -
    Still shaking my wings.
    Well, I’m a glad bird
    I got changes to ring.

    Closing my dream inside its paper bag.
    Thought I saw angels
    But I could have been wrong.
    Search in my case,
    Can’t find what they’re looking for.
    Waving me through
    To cry you a song.

    Its been a long time -
    Still shaking my wings.
    Well I’m a glad bird
    I got changes to ring.

    Lights in the street,
    Peeping through curtains drawn.
    Rattling of safety chain taking too long.
    The smile in your eyes was never so sweet before -
    Came down from the skies
    To cry you a song.

  2. Lugubrious Whing-Whang - Squirrel Nut Zippers

  3. Kid Charlemagne - Steely Dan

  4. Anxiety Attack - Skankin’ Pickle

  5. Let’s Play Guitar In A Five Guitar Band - Minus the Bear

    Minus the Bear has the best song titles ever. Or the looniest, anyway.

  6. Born with Monkey Asses - MC 900 Foot Jesus

    Only Mark Griffin could record the ravings of a crazy woman in a lunatic asylum and set them to a rap backbeat... and make it work.

  7. Emaline - Ben Folds Five

  8. Saltwater To Quench Your Thirst - Michael Leviton

    The only guy I know who can make the ukulele seem cool.

  9. March of the Meanies - The Beatles

  10. Alice Childress (iTunes Originals Version) - Ben Folds

It’s Friday. What are you listening to?

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