Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hakuna en repose.

When we redid our floors - including replacing all the wall-to-wall carpet in the house - a necessary consequence was relocating every stick of furniture and every object. Most of those relocations were temporary, but they collectively provided the perfect excuse to repurpose our upstairs computer/guest room.

The computer and its peripherals have been moved downstairs to my office... which makes even more sense given that my Great Salt Mine Computational Apparatus will shortly be returning to Sweat City in assorted boxes. And the former computer room is now a full-time guest room.

My point? Hakuna has wasted no time familiarizing herself with the comfortable new beds. Above, she strikes a relaxed pose on one of the comforters.

How relaxed she’s going to be when Neighbor - the Mistress’s cat - returns next week is anybody’s guess. I’m thinking, “not very.”

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