Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Talk Dirndl To Me

When going on a Fall Excursion,
It helps if you can walk the walk.
Is transvestism your perversion?
Thrill me with your Dirndl Talk.

It adds a touch of titillation,
When a man puts on a dirndl.
Fit too tight? Avoid vexation -
Just be sure to wear a girndl.

If her heart’s locked, then take this Key:
Let her be Robin, you Maid Marian.
Be sure to lift it when you pee,
To stay dry in your Dress Bavarian.

A village with a German theme -
Mit einem Bra und Paar von Panties.
Whip up some Bavarian cream
When you’re there, O Mr. Man-Tease.

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