Thursday, September 24, 2009


SOME say the world will end in fire,
Some say in flood.
Flood’s filled with Products of Digestion:
I hold with those who like combustion.
But for a third choice, I’d take dust.
Unlike a flood, it’s rather dry;
It formeth such a lovely crust -
Yet you can die
In crimson dust.

- Apologies to Robert Frost

Here we are in Atlanta, recovering from unprecedented flooding...

Flooding near East Cobb
This shot was taken with a few miles of Chez Elisson. Yeef! [Photo: Brant Sanderlin, Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

Six Flags Under Water
At Six Flags over Georgia, the Georgia Cyclone looks like it was hit by one. The whole park was one Log Flume Ride, with nearby Interstate 20 submerged. [Photo: Phil Skinner, Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

...and meanwhile, California grapples with heat waves and fire-wrought devastation.

California Fires
The Fillmore fire, as seen from the Simi Valley. [Photo: Jerry Foster]

Heat Wave
Havin’ a Heat Wave in SoCal. [Photo: Jerry Foster]

The Southeast has been awash up until a couple of days ago, while, southern California roasts and burns. If we could only find a way to average this stuff out...

Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet, a monster dust storm in the Outback blankets Sydney, Australia in powdery red silt.

Sydney Dust
Sydney’s famed Harbour Bridge is shrouded in crimson dust. [Photo: Getty Images]

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