Thursday, September 10, 2009


Hakuna Under the Bed

Hakuna’s ensconced in her Sanctum Sanctorum.
It’s under our box-spring, right there on the floor-um.
The absolute best Kitty Cat Comfort-Zone,
She goes there whenever the Humans are home
And she needs a break from their loving attention.
(This happens quite often, allow me to mention.)
The grimace that shines forth on her lovely face
Sayeth, “Oh, for some Thumbs... and a big can of Mace!”

Update: Friday Ark #260 is afloat over at the Modulator. For yet more Catnis, check out Carnival of the Cats, which will be hosted sometime Sunday evening (thereabouts) at Three Tabby Cats in Vienna.

Update 2: CotC #287 is up.

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