Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Chicken Dinner
Dinner, courtesy of SWMBO. Clockwise, from top: Spinach salad, kale with avocado, pomegranate salt and pepper shakers (thanks, Hagar and Gilad!), chicken roulades, salt-roasted sweet potatoes.

She Who Must Be Obeyed is never thrilled when I post pictures and recipes.

“Your ‘Esteemed Readers’ think you do all the cooking. They don’t think I can even boil water. Schmuck.”

Actually, I made up the “schmuck” part. My Delicate Flower would never lob such a Vulgar Appellation at me.

But just to set the record straight, SWMBO does indeed cook. She is, in point of fact, a dab hand in the kitchen...and Monday night’s dinner furnished all the proof one could need.

Chicken Roulades stuffed with spinach and provolone...with a delicate panko crust. Recipe? The Missus made it up on the fly, pounding chicken breasts into thin sheets, rolling them up with spinach and provolone cheese, applying the panko coating, and oven-roasting the whole assemblage to a golden, delicious turn.

Gilad and I did our part. I contributed the baked sweet potatoes, which were prepared in the most intricate, difficult scrubbing the skins, coating them with kosher salt, and sticking them in the oven on a rack. And Gilad mashed up a mess of his kale and avocado salad. Excellent... especially when stuffed into the empty sweet potato skin like some sort of Bizarro-Sushi.

For dessert? The remnants of the Chocolate Angel Pie I had made for Gary’s birthday. It was... immense.

Bottom line: The Missus for damn sure can cook. Doubt it at your own risk.

And she’s waaaay cuter than Paula “Emeril with a Vagina and a Southern Accent” Deen.

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