Wednesday, October 15, 2008


In keeping with her beloved annual ritual, She Who Must Be Obeyed has once again done her nails up Hallowe’en style.

SWMBO do love her some Hallowe’en fun. At least, the superficial, American greeting-card-and-chocolate version we all have come to know. Pumpkins, candy, and little kids in costumes...she’s down with the program.

Real creepy stuff? Dead, moldering bodies? Gooshy intestines hanging from eviscerated bellies? Ghostesses? No thanks, sez she. SWMBO wants as little to do with the Unexpected Visitor as possible. In that wise, she is very like Eric, who has a preternatural fear of zombies.

But unlike Eric, to whom the idea of, say, masquerading as a zombie on Hallowe’en would be completely anathema, SWMBO doesn’t mind the thought of getting dolled up in a creepy costume. What with her being a teacher and all, her kids would eat that stuff up.

And yet...who needs a costume when you can have these?

Scary Nails 2008

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