Wednesday, April 09, 2008


When he first awakened in the grotto’s gloom, a spasm of pain in his side jolted him to his feet. That was when he realized how desperately hungry he was.

Where was he, anyway? All he could remember was being lifted high, being stabbed in the side, the taunting voices. His hands and ankles ached; in his mouth was a lingering taste of vinegar.

Standing up, he could barely see the rock blocking the exit. Ignoring the agony in his feet, he pushed it aside.

Out in the desert sun, all he could think was: I’m famished. “Bra-a-a-ains...” he moaned.

[Inspired by this panel over at Matt Rosemier’s Edible Dirt. (Thanks, Thunderman!)

The theme of Weekly Challenge #104 at the 100 Word Stories Podcast is Zombies. Heads up, Eric!]

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