Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I’ve been away, as you may have figured out. It’s a reasonable surmise when my posting frequency dies off to the level of, say, this guy’s.

The post immediately below this one had been percolating in my brain since late Saturday night, but I have been away from the Infernal Bloggity Device since then.

The Missus and I zooped down to Florida, leaving early Sunday morning for a quick-turnaround visit with Eli (the Poppa d’Elisson) and his lovely bride Toni. For a while, we were nervous about getting back home this evening per our original plan, given that the SWMBO-Mobile began acting up yesterday afternoon.

When that infernal “Check Engine” light goes on, it can mean something trivial...or something less trivial. But since the light’s appearance was accompanied by some bizarre engine behavior, She Who Must Be Obeyed wisely suggested that we see to the problem before making the 420 mile trek back home. She is all too familiar with my tendency to ignore automotive issues until they can no longer be ignored...with predictable (and unpleasant) results.

Like the time our alternator gave up on the way home to Glastonbury, Connecticut from Princeton, New Jersey after attending an off-year reunion in 1987. I thought we could make it home that day.

I was wrong.

The Missus was not about to let history repeat itself. It’s no fun pissing in a plastic cup when the nearest restroom is miles away. In the dark.

Luckily, there was a Honda dealer a few miles away who accommodated our need for a prompt diagnosis and an equally prompt repair. Luckier still that the necessary part was on hand. I never felt so happy to have my wallet lightened by four Benjamins.

We made it back to Chez Elisson in six hours, thirty minutes. Zoom!

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