Sunday, April 13, 2008

Is he gone yet?

You know the old saw about the difference between Jews and Gentiles?

Gentiles leave but don’t say good-bye... while Jews say good-bye but never seem to leave!

Q.E. frikkin’ D that long teary wave good-bye from Elisson hisself from the hotel in D.C.

I mean seriously, the guy is in a (presumably) decent hotel with hot and cold running room service and two steps out the door to Asia with his daughter, and does he enjoy the moment?


He'd rather pay double for in-room WiFi what he would have spent on an armful of the stoner-food from the ‘honor bar’ in his room!

So, do you think he’s really gone?

My money's on at least two more posts from airport lounges in transit. Oh, and I’m guessing that since he’s going to the land of the rising microchip, the chances of him stumbling on an Internet Cafe or three are fairly high.

I feel another prediction coming on... bear with me...

Yes, at least three posts devoted to local victuals... with two of them discussing Sushi (the Japanese word for ‘bait’), and the remaining post about consuming vast quantities of Saki (the Japanese word for ‘urine’).

I’m not a betting man, but if anyone wants to pit their oracle against mine, I’m taking action. :-)

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