Tuesday, April 01, 2008


It’s hard to eat like a trencherman, bolting down heaps of meat and potatoes, after you’ve spent an hour making yourself schvitz. And so this evening, after our Gymly Workout, I found myself wanting something light. Something that wouldn’t lay on my kishkes like a lead weight.

The last Light Meal we had included a salad that She Who Must Be Obeyed had constructed out of some mâche - lamb’s lettuce - along with some feta cheese, a few bits of leftover oven-roasted salmon, and the remnants of some dressing I had made a few days before. It was excellent...so much so that I immediately started planning ahead for the next time we could have it.

This morning, I picked up another fillet of salmon, along with some arugula. And this evening, the Missus dutifully assembled the various components to make yet another fine salad, this time an Arugula and Mâche Salad with Feta and Oven-Roasted Salmon. This time there was enough of it to serve as a whole meal.

Arugula and Mâche Salad with Feta and Salmon
Salade à la SWMBO: smashing!

The dressing, in case you’re curious, is white wine vinegar and hazelnut oil (we go heavy on the vinegar, about a 5:1 ratio), with some minced shallots, a little coarse Dijon mustard, salt and pepper to taste. But tonight we were out of shallots, so I used half of a chopped up garlic clove instead. I also substituted walnut oil for the hazelnut oil, just because. SWMBO prefers Version One of the dressing; to me they’re both equally good.

Fish and greenery. Taste good together, they do...and they’re good for you, too. (Unless you eat enough to cause such horrifying side effects as the Dreaded Green Turd.)

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