Wednesday, April 09, 2008


You may recall the story I posted a couple months back about the Misdirected Birthday Gift: how the The Resident Geniuses at UPS inadvertently swapped address labels, sending my stepmom Toni’s silver pendant off to Alabama while sending her an object clearly not intended to be her birthday gift.

Funny thing is, it took a full day for Toni and Eli to figure out that they had received someone else’s shipment by mistake...and even then, only with the gentle assistance of UPS, who by then had figured out that they had screwed the pooch. The only other logical explanation would have been that I had completely lost my fucking mind. I guess that was, to them, a more likely possibility.

Here ’tis: the Misdirected Package. A Buffalo Helmet!

Eli the Buffalo
Eli sports the Famous Buffalo Helmet.

Which, in turn, put me in mind of this familiar fellow...

Fred Flintstone

Who could only be attending a meeting of these guys:

Antedeluvian Buffaloes

This is a real lodge in Saint John, New Brunswick, in case you were wondering. I’d drive past it every day on my way to the office during my two-week sojourn there in June 2006.

What can Brown do for you? Why, provide hours of confusion and amusement!

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