Thursday, August 28, 2008


We got all kinds cats here at Blog d’Elisson.

We got catsup.

Hunt’s Catsup

Hunt’s Catsup, vintage 1952.

We got Cat Soap.

Cat Soap

Soap courtesy of Rahel - image courtesy of Laurence Simon.

We got Cat o’ Nine Tails.

Cat o’ Nine Tails

We got Catfish.

Cat o’ Nine Tails

We got Katmandu.


Katmandu, capital of Nepal. (Courtesy Wikipedia.)

We got white cats.

Cat Necklace

And we got a black cat.

Sunny Neighbor

Man, thassa lotta cats!

Update: Friday Ark #206 is afloat at the Modulator.

Normally, I’d put up a link to the next Carnival of the Cats site...but it looks like a splog has snagged hosting duties for CotC #233, so I’ll take a pass. My free (and therefore valueless) advice to the people running Carnivals? Check out the blogs who offer to host your link-fest...and if they consist mostly of advertising unrelated to the topic at hand, don’t waste people’s time promoting them.

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