Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Every Marx Brothers movie has a scene in which Harpo contorts his features into this classic pose:


The Gookie. [Rhymes with “dookie,” not “cookie.”]

Based on a real-life person (yclept “Gookie,” of course), the Gookie Face never failed to get a laugh for Harpo, who credited Gookie for inspiring him to become an actor.

Back in college, when it seemed as though we were watching a different Marx Brothers flick every ten minutes, we would wait eagerly for the Magical Moment when Harpo would throw his Gookie. It made putting up with his sleep-inducing harp solos almost tolerable.

Everyone looks funnier with a Gookie. Unless that is the natural configuration of your features, in which case you have problems that will not be solved by Silly Behavior.

So here’s the Memely Challenge: Post a picture of yourself throwing your best Gookie. Link back to this post. And if you’re the sort to do so, tag five other bloggers to do the same.

Here’s mine:


Keep alive the memory of Harpo Marx. Throw a Gookie today!

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