Thursday, November 15, 2007


Aside from the fact that he’s a Local Guy, Alton Brown is the most kick-ass chef amongst all the stovewhores on Food Network.

Alton Brown is to cooking what Chuck Norris is to Martial Arts.

(I almost wrote “Marital Arts” in that last sentence. Now I have to scrub my brain out with bleach.)

Don’t believe me? My buddy Charlie Hatton, who has recently gotten back into the Bloggy Saddle at Where The Hell Was I?, has compiled Yet Another List of Facts About Alton Brown. (His original List of Facts is here.)

Just a couple to whet your appetite:
  • Alton Brown’s fudge brownies aren’t simply dark and rich. Alton Brown’s fudge brownies actually exert a mild gravitational pull.

  • Alton Brown doesn’t bother buying elbow macaroni. Alton Brown buys mezzani, and bends it with his will alone.
You get the idea. Go stop by Charlie’s place and read the whole thing.

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