Thursday, November 01, 2007


Tuesday afternoon, the Missus and I went to get our periodic haircuts. We’re both on a once-every-four-week schedule, and since we both use the same Hair Cutting Artiste, we try to schedule our appointments for consecutive time slots.

This time, I had an errand to run at the post office, and since there was one conveniently near our Hair Cutting Place, I dropped She Who Must Be Obeyed off there and went to take care of my Maily Business.

I was cutting it close. I had an Express mail package to send, and it was right at the cusp of five o’clock. Closing time.

The Postal Service employee who assisted me at the counter was a gem. Not only did he let me get my package in “under the wire” so it could be delivered the next day, he had one of those Infectious Good Moods that lifts your spirits. There are plenty of people who put on a Happy Happy Joy Joy attitude, but it does not serve to conceal their blasted, shriveled souls. This guy was not one of them. He was the Real Thing.

So much so that, rather than wanting to punch him right in his happy face, I felt good.

A measure of his attitude? A guy came in - it was now five after five - looking to buy a money order. Postal Service Man could have simply blown him off: “Sorry, we’re closed.” But that’s not what he did.

“How much do you need?” he asked.

“$800,” responded Last-Minute Charlie.

“Agh! We can’t do that much - the box is locked up.” Meaning that a special ex officio effort could have been made if a smaller amount - one that would not stick out like a sore thumb in the day’s records - had been requested. “I’m not just trying to mess with you. But you can go to the post office at Piedmont and Pharr Roads - it’s open until eight, and they can take care of you.” He proceeded to give directions, and Last-Minute Charlie took off.

Hmmm. Positive attitude. Customer service. Was I really in the post office, or had I fallen into the Twilight Zone?

When I finished my business at the counter, it wasn’t a surprise to hear him say “Have a blessèd day.” And I said, “Thanks - I already have.”

Maybe I oughta Go Postal more often.

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