Sunday, June 17, 2007


One of the little...ahh...peculiarities of She Who Must Be Obeyed is that she cannot resist buying Useless Crap for the kitties. Cat beds, in particular, seem to bring out the Purchasing Instinct in her. Never mind that 99% of the time, the only bed our cats want to sleep in - Matata, anyway - is the one in which we may be found.

Yesterday, as we prowled the hallways of Costco, SWMBO’s laser-guided Kitty Crap Detector started zizzing and beeping. What should we find but a Dinky-Ass Sofa, one perfectly sized to fit a dog...or a cat or two? Anything north of standard poodle-size might have trouble squeezing onto it, but for Hakuna and Matata, it was just right.

Of course, we had to buy it. SWMBO insisted, no matter how much I rolled my eyes and ridiculed her.

And - lookee here! - Matata likes it!

Sofa Matata
“Oh, boy! More territory from which to exclude Hakuna!”

And it’s also eminently suited to some of our More Petite Friends...

Laura Belle on the cat Sofa
It’s a perfect fit for Laura Belle!

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