Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Now that Elder Daughter is way past those nasty teenage years, she has found Things Other Than Me to critique. Namely, movies. Her latest missive is a review of the film that Explains The Universe in both quantum mechanical and mystical terms: What the #$*! Do We Know?!
What the *&%$ Do We Know?! is a strange mix of documentary and fictional narrative reminiscent of those movies you watched in seventh grade science class. Wondering where the worlds of quantum physics and new age spirituality may intersect, wacky and freakishly smart scientists expose us to an infinity of alternate realities, starting with the smallest speck of being, expanding to the darkest folds of the Universe, all happening within ourselves. The rabbit hole they take us down is a graphic and winding depiction of what’s out there to believe, begging us to go as deep as we can into the endless realm of possibility. What’s really remarkable about this film is not the unlikelihood of its success or the diversity and depth it explores, but the examples and evidence it provides of little everyday revolutions within our own minds and bodies.

One of the film’s greatest points is that we create our individual realities; the reality we experience is a manifestation of what our brain believes to be true, so we may be able to actualize our goals from the inside out.

It’s a humbling feeling - to read a review of a film I’m not sure I can understand, written by someone whose DNA is 50% mine.

Now, if I can just figure out what this Reiki shit is all about...

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