Monday, December 27, 2004


This morning, the Today show featured a segment on Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack! Adventure. Seems this Gorman bloke came up with a new way for us computer geeks to piss even more time away on our machines. And it’s so easy:

1. Go to the Google search page.

2. Type in two random words, separated by a space.

3. See how many search results you get. If you get a single result, you win!

It’s harder than it looks, sez Mr. Gorman. Supposedly, he spent about four hours on the machine before succeeding the first time...enough to convince him to turn his obsession into a stage show. (That way, everyone who sees the show will waste at least two hours, innit?)

But I succeeded on my third attempt, with the words “abstergent bunwad.”

Well, OK - that might be a little unfair, using a fifty-cent word like “abstergent.” So I tried “bunwad spitballs” and again got a single search result. But I’ll give Mr. Gorman the benefit of the doubt and tell you that if you truly use randomly selected words, it’s probably very difficult to come up with a successful Googlewhack! result.

Great! Just what I needed...another computer-related time-sink, as if this stupid blog were not bad enough. Must...pull...self...away! Must...pack...for...return...trip...home!

Now - go play amongst yourselves. Let me know if you find any good ones!

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