Saturday, December 25, 2004


I continue to maintain my blogroll - the one you see on the sidebar here - via Blogrolling, but I have become a convert to blog subscriptions through Bloglines. Now, instead of laboriously wading through the 66 or so blogs I read regularly, I just click on my Bloglines link and only the latest posts pop up. When I want to drop a comment on a particular blog, a single click brings me right to the post. This saves an enourmous amount of time - time that I can spend in Yet More Useless Pursuits.

I am told that pulling feeds via Bloglines (or any other RSS/XML aggregator) will not register any hits on the sites to which I subscribe unless I actually link through to those sites. However, Bloglines does track the number of subscribers. What I don’t know is whether sites that track links (like Technorati or The Truth Laid Bear’s ecosystem) look at RSS/XML subscriptions. If they don’t, they should. I think subscribing to someone’s site is an even stronger measure of affinity than simply linking it on the ol’ blogroll.

What do you think?

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