Friday, December 03, 2004


is our destination this weekend.

Our friends Steve and Sue from Northern Virginia have flown down to join us for a weekend in Savannah, where we will also hook up with the Mistress of Sarcasm. And Steve and Sue are loaded for bear.

Honest to Gawd, I’ve never seen so much fucking luggage in my life. You would think that we were getting ready for a three-month tour in Iraq, based on the sheer volume of crap they dragged with them. But no. It’s two days in Savannah, bracketed by a day on each side in Atlanta.

Steve and Sue just got back from a trip to Israel. I wonder what they took with ’em. Probably a 40-foot shipping container.

So the project we’re facing at the moment is how to conduct triage: what to take, what to leave. I will leave that task of negotiations to She Who Must Be Obeyed, for she will be the one who will have to cram everything in the trunk of Vehicle D’Elisson for the trip. SWMBO can pack more crap into a car trunk than anyone else on the face of the planet, but even she nearly blew a gasket when I told her how much draggage our friends had brought. This was at 2:00 am, as both of us were having our heads walked on by Miss Matata, and we both had to laugh as we simultaneously said, “You are / I am so blogging this!”

Because what is more fun that giving your good friends a blogosphere’s worth of well-deserved shit?

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