Friday, December 21, 2007


Here we go again with another installment of Blog d’Elisson’s Friday Random Ten, in which I post a randomly selected list of ten Choons spewed right out of the iPod d’Elisson.

Sunday, December 23, marks the celebration of Festivus, the Holiday for the Rest of Us. A proper Festivus will include a Festivus Pole of bare aluminum...for tinsel is distracting. Other Necessary Rituals include a ceremonial Airing of Grievances, followed by Feats of Strength and a recounting of Festivus Miracles.

Will we be Festivating? Well, yes and no. We won’t be observing Festivus per se, but we will - along with Houston Steve - be enjoying a Dinner in the tradition of the Royal Navy, honoring Captain Jack Aubrey and Doctor Stephen Maturin of Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey/Maturin series of novels. We’ll start with toasted cheese (“Killick! Killick, there!” “Which I’m bringing it already, ain’t I?”) and Strasburg pie, then move on to the centerpieces: Roast Goose and a massive Standing Rib Roast of Beef. Dessert will consist of two boiled Puddings in the British style: Spotted Dog and a Christmas Pudding. There will be plenty of sherry, Madeira, Port, and claret with which to wash it all down...and, of course, the coffee so beloved of Captain Jack and his particular friend Dr. Maturin.

But meanwhile, we have music to listen to, don’t we? Here we go:
  1. Boys - The Beatles

  2. Gone (live) - Ben Folds

  3. Riivattu - Tuomari Nurmio & Alamaailman Vasarat

  4. Lord Raise Me Up - Matisyahu

  5. Act III, Scene 2: Attack and Fall - Philip Glass, Akhnaten

  6. Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow - Brian Wilson

  7. Settle For Nothing - Rage Against The Machine

  8. Retox - Fatboy Slim

  9. Brick (iTunes Originals version) - Ben Folds

    Six a.m., day after Christmas
    I throw some clothes on in the dark
    The smell of cold
    Car seat is freezing
    The world is sleeping and I am numb

    Went up the stairs to her apartment
    She is balled up on the couch
    Her mom and dad went down to Charlotte
    They’re not home to find us out
    And we drive
    Now that I have found someone
    I’m feeling more alone
    Than I ever have before

    She’s a brick and I’m drowning slowly
    Off the coast and I’m headed nowhere
    She’s a brick and I’m drowning slowly...

    They call her name at 7:30
    I pace around the parking lot
    Then I walk down to buy her flowers
    And sell some gifts that I got
    Can’t you see
    It’s not me you’re dying for
    Now she’s feeling more alone
    Than she ever has before


    As weeks went by
    It showed that she was not fine
    They told me, Son, it’s time
    To tell the truth
    And she broke down and I broke down
    ’Cause I was tired of lying

    Driving back to her apartment
    For the moment we’re alone
    She’s alone
    And I’m alone
    Now I know it


  10. Steppin’ Out - Joe Jackson

It’s Friday. What are you listening to?

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