Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Gold Museum
The Gold Museum in Dahlonega.

Yesterday evening, the Mistress invited me to join her at a college recruitment fair in North Georgia. “Why not?” I thought. It would give me a chance to see her performing in her new gig, as well as providing a couple of hours of Father-Daughter Bonding Time in the car together.

It was time well spent. We arrived at our destination early, the better to reconnoiter... which gave us time to wander the town square and grab a snack.

We got to the fair location a half-hour early, plenty of time to get set up. And then, slowly at first but in an ever-increasing stream, came the students.

I watched from a distance as the Mistress informed, charmed, and cajoled. It was a beautiful thing to see. Several colleges had sent representatives to this event, but it was to the Mistress’s table the prospective candidates flocked, each one leaving with an armful of literature and some new ideas on where to get a focused Higher Education.

I’ve seen the Mistress function in her workplace before, but this was different. A real Salaried Job. And she was professional and personable every step of the way.

Can you tell I’m a Proud Daddy? Of course you can. But if I take a step back and try to look at things as a disinterested party, I still come to the same conclusion: My little girl is awesome.

And not just because she can sing along with me to Fishbone’s ska-punk tunes.

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