Thursday, May 28, 2009


Thunder and Lightning

Cute for cuteness’s sake doesn’t usually fly here at Blog d’Elisson - after all, this is a place where I write about bowel movements and Taint Warheads, fer cryin’ out loud - but this was irresistible.

You’re looking at Thunder and Lightning, two dramatically-named kitties that were rescued from a dumpster by our friends David and Laurie. The Coke can is included to show scale.

David and Laurie’s dog Patches - a 75-pound Bandana-Wearin’ Dawg - has taken over the Mr. Mommy role. I’m trying to picture it...

Update: Friday Ark #245 is afloat over at the Modulator, with our Collection o’ Kitties in pole position.

If that’s not enough to satisfy your Kitty Jones, head on over to Three Tabby Cats in Vienna sometime after Sunday evening, where Kashim, Othello, and Salome will be hosting Carnival of the Cats #272.

Update 2: CotC #272 is up.

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