Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Hakuna in the Morning, 26 March 2008
Hakuna takes the sun in Elder Daughter’s room.

Several of my Esteemed Readers have inquired as to how Hakuna is getting along without her sister Matata to keep her company.

The short answer is “Just Great.” ’Kunie mooned around for a few days, calling out and pacing, but she seems to have settled down. Perhaps she realizes that Matata, always a larger-than-life presence in our household, is not coming back.

Which means Hakuna will no longer suffer Sisterly Wrath for presuming to get too cuddly with the Humans. Or eating without permission. These are all silver linings - for Hakuna, anyway - in what otherwise is a dark cloud for the rest of us.

She’s a lot more friendly, Hakuna is, these past few weeks. She’ll come downstairs when a Strange Human is in the house, a formerly unheard-of act of courage for her. She still will not lie or sit upon us, as her sister was wont to do, but she seems to be more willing to suffer our close presence, sitting up against SWMBO or me more readily than in the past.

Hakuna rests against SWMBO’s leg
Hakuna rests against SWMBO’s leg.

And she’s as soft and skritchable as ever.

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