Saturday, May 26, 2007


Oh, boy! Now you can read my dopey 100-word stories in the bathtub without the fear of electrocution.

Shorts in a Wad, a collection of my Finest and Most Egregious Very Short Stories, is now available from Amazon. Just click on the picture above.

Yes, that is my street name. I guess that blows my cover, but so what? There’s something about having one’s own name on a real actual book (though it be a mere 5 x 8" paperback) that makes it worth losing my semi-anonymity here. Hiding in plain sight, you could call it.

Any of you who would care to pimp this Bad Boy on your own sites, have at it. For I am a Literary Whore, without question.

And remember - Baby SWMBO needs a new pair of shoes. For that matter, Daddy could use a couple bottles of single malt and some help with the Amex bill.

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