Tuesday, July 18, 2006


That’s All, Folks

I just received a tearful telephone call from She Who Must Be Obeyed. As soon as I answered the phone, I knew that something was not right.

Matata, our little grey tortie cat, is ailing.

She had been puking more than normal during the last few weeks, but nothing unprecedented. Matata, the Alpha Female, has always had a tendency to wolf her food - no doubt to keep Hakuna from getting too much of it - and sometimes this will cause her to blow kitty cookies.

But retching on an empty stomach? Not good.

And today she was, say SWMBO, very lethargic. It was obvious that Matata was not her usual feisty self.

SWMBO has taken Matata to the vet, and she is scared to death that it might be something serious. Meanwhile, I’m 1700 miles away, and not in a position to be very useful as she awaits word from the Animal Physician. All I can do is hope the word is good.

Ahhh, that Matata. She’s just a little grey cat, but so much a part of our lives...

Update, 7/19: The vet didn’t see any obvious issues during Matata’s physical exam and sent her home with a shot of anti-nausea medicine. Matata curled up in her Cat-Bed and slept - typical behavior after getting any shots, and not unexpected. Today she seems to be back to her old chipper self. We’ll breathe easier after hearing the results of her blood work, of which there is nothing to report just yet.

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