Thursday, July 20, 2006


She Who Must Be Obeyed called a little while ago to give me the skinny on Matata’s blood work results.

Keyn ayin hara, everything looks OK right now. One of her liver enzymes is a tad elevated, but that may simply be a result of her recent pukishness, not an indicator of something amiss. Nothing pernicious appears to be going on.

SWMBO and I thank all of my Esteemed Readers who sent e-cards and left supportive comments. Your prayers, good wishes, and meow-shebeirachs seem to have done the trick.

We may need to try her out on some of that ridiculously expensive specially formulated cat food for sensitive stomachs...but for now, we’ll just keep an eye on her.

Hrm. You’d think Hakuna, the Carpet Muncher (literally, not in some Variant of Human Sexual Behavior sense) would be the one puking all the time. But no.

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