Sunday, March 26, 2006


Sammy - Eli and Toni’s kitty.

Sammy - AKA Sam, short for Samantha - is the resident Kitty at Chez Eli.

When we first met Sammy two years ago, she was naught but a tiny, shy kitten. Now that she is older and has weathered a two-day drive from New York to Florida, she is not quite as shy...but still very much a One-Man Kitty, completely devoted to Eli, the Daddy d’Elisson.

Eli and Sammy
Sammy enjoys a skritch from Eli, his ownself.

She will permit Eli to give her Skritchy Worship, but woe be unto any others who so presume!

The strange thing - to me, anyway - is to see that the Parental Unit has somehow morphed into a Cat-Person. It’s not an expected development, not by a long shot...but I can’t say I’m not pleased.

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