Sunday, March 07, 2010


Pooper Scoopers
The Missus saw this truck tootling along on one of the local thoroughfares the other day and, with the help of a passenger, managed to snag a photo.

“Got poop? We scoop!” Now there’s a motto worthy of a squizzotto. And the bumper sticker on the top of the rear window reads “Licensed Turd Wrangler.”

Yes, of course it’s a real business. Go to the website - it’s a little fuzzy in the cropped iPhone shot above, but it’s at - and you’ll see that their tagline is “Your dog’s business is our business.” Sweet.

When I checked out that site, pedant that I am, I noticed a few typos. To which the Missus gave me The Look and replied, “They pick up shit for a living.”

“I guess they’re probably not English majors.”

But give ’em credit. Give ’em credit where credit is doo-doo. ’Cause at least they’ve got that Entre-Manurial Spirit. When you see a need in the marketplace, fill it!

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