Sunday, February 14, 2010


Valentine 1938
Valentine, circa 1938, from the collection of Billie Bob, the late Daddy d’SWMBO.

O, please consider, Lady Mine:
Won’t you be my Valentine?
Sign upon that dotted line,
And our love could be so fine.

If you were my Valentine,
Life would be as sweet as wine.
On the love-seat we’d recline;
I’d run my fingers on your spine.

Should you be my Valentine,
For your loving I would pine.
Hearts (and other parts) we’d jine -
Making love would be divine.

If I had a diamond mine
Or a thousand fatted kine,
All I own, it would be thine,
If you were my Valentine.

If you were my Valentine,
I’d achieve my Grand Design.
Like the Sun our love would shine!
If you were my Valentine.

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