Saturday, December 19, 2009


Well, it’s gonna be. Right now it’s raw, sitting in the fridge downstairs... but it will be going into the oven shortly, there to be roasted to a golden turn. The giblets and backbone have already been cooked down to a rich stock that will serve as the base for a fine sauce.

Yes, it’s time for this year’s Aubrey-Maturin Dinner. Here’s the Bill of Fare:

Aubrey-Maturin Dinner Menu 2009

The Strasburg Pie is cooling in the fridge even as I write this. It’s nothing more (or less) than a whole duck foie gras in all its hyperfatty glory, crammed into a puff pastry shell with a full pound of bacon: There exists no more decadent, calorific, cholesterol-laden dish on the face of the planet. I’ll post photographs later, of course.

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