Friday, June 13, 2008


HDR Seashore
Sunrise in Sandestin, a high dynamic range image taken this January.

This is a long-awaited Friday, it being the day before we head out for our annual Week at the Beach.

Last year was exceptional in that our Week at the Beach was in Cancún, Mexico, rather than the more prosaic (and more easily accessible) Destin, Florida. We did make it to Destin later in the summer for a shorter-than-usual visit - a four-day weekend - but this year we return to our normal practice. Normal practice, for us, means driving down Saturday morning, hitting Pompano Joe’s for lunch immediately upon arrival, and then enjoying a full week of loafing, sunbathing, swimming, playing golf, reading, and consuming copious amounts of Vacation Food ’n’ Beverages. Aaaahhh.

This year, though, we’ll forgo the golf. Playing golf in the blazing heat of a Florida summer is insane in the best of times, even more so right after having completed ninety holes in the swelter of an Alabama springtime heat wave.

But, meanwhile, it is Friday, and that means it’s time to check out the Random Spewage of the Little White Choon Box. Let’s see what’s playing today:
  1. Don’t Utter - Natraj

    Jazz meets India, creating a fascinating Train Wreck o’ Sound.

  2. Bigus Dickus - Monty Python

  3. Not The Same - Ben Folds

  4. Commerce, TX - Ben Kweller

  5. The Innocent Bystander - Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks

  6. Peace Memory - Pat Metheny

  7. My Old Man - Joni Mitchell

  8. I Want You To Hurt Like I Do - Randy Newman

    There’s a lot more to Randy Newman than his Pixar/Disney movie soundtracks. His music from the early- to mid-1970’s had a cynical streak a mile wide.

  9. When Desperate Static Beats The Silence Up - Ben Folds

  10. Getting Married Today - Company, Boston University’s On Broadway

    Elder Daughter takes center stage in this insanely difficult-to-perform patter song.

It’s Friday. What are you listening to?

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