Monday, June 02, 2008


The old bottle had lain in the alley for... who knows how long? For years, it had managed to escape the attentions of neighborhood dogs, children on bicycles, skateboarders, and other passersby. But when Wino Willie saw the glint of glass peeping out from beneath a mound of trash, his first thought was, “Booze!”

Willie grabbed the heavy, filth-encrusted bottle. He rubbed it on a threadbare sleeve...

...and amidst a cloud of smoke, out popped the Ty-D-Bowl Man!

“It’s been thirty years,” Ty-D explained. “I was looking for a toilet and fell into a whiskey bottle. Been there ever since.”

[The theme of Weekly Challenge #112 at the 100 Word Stories Podcast is Whiskey. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite story in Weekly Challenge #111, while you’re at it!]

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