Friday, November 13, 2009


The Wheel of the Week has turned full circle once again, bringing Friday back around... which means it’s time for the Friday Random Ten, that exercise in Musical Narcissism in which I post ten Choons disgorged at random from my Little White Choon-Box.

And it’s not just any Friday, but Friday the 13th, bane of triskadeikaphobes. For the rest of us, it’s the opening shot of the weekend, so... good luck!

Let’s see what’s playing today, shall we?
  1. The Mikado, Act II: Braid the Raven Hair - D’Oyly Carte Opera Company

  2. Sparks - The Who

  3. Army (live) - Ben Folds Five

  4. I Want You To Hurt Like I Do - Tom Waits

  5. Power Failure - Procol Harum

    The original, from Procol Harum’s brilliant Broken Barricades album. The Little White Choon Box also holds a cover version by Leo Kottke.

    Climbing out of open windows
    Crashing down from broken stairs
    Keeping watch on smoking cinders
    Falling over burning chairs

    Tossed and crossed and screwed in transit
    Broken, splintered, bruised and thrown
    Badly shattered, gale force frighty
    Rushed across and shown alone

    Speech reduced by poor relations
    Strung from weeks of self abuse
    Chopped up, churned out, weeks of greasy
    Spark plugs burned up, power’s fused

  6. Counting Sheep - The Judybats

  7. Pearl of the Quarter - Steely Dan

  8. Condorbird - The Klezmatics

  9. Painting Box - The Incredible String Band

  10. Matchbox - The Beatles

It’s Friday. What are you listening to?

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