Tuesday, August 31, 2004


...comes courtesy of David Boxenhorn of Rishon Rishon, who points out that “blog” makes an excellent verb in Hebrew. And here’s how you conjugate it:

Balagti – I blogged
Balagta – you blogged (m)
Balagt – you blogged (f)
Balag – he blogged
Balga – she blogged
Balagnu – we blogged
B’lagtem – you blogged (m pl)
B’lgaten – you blogged (f pl)
Balgu – they blogged

Evlog – I will blog
Tivlog – you will blog (m)
Tivl’gi – you will blog (f)
Yivlog – he will blog
Tivlog – she will blog
Nivlog – we will blog
Tivl’gu – you will blog (pl)
Yivl’gu – they will blog

Boleg, boleget, bolgim, bolgot – participles

Livlog – infinitive

Bliga – verbal noun

Blog! – blog! (imperative)

Of course, in English, “blog” has a nice, semi-humorous sound to it, thanks to the up-front consonantal blend and the nice onomatopoetical ring the word has. Not only can you conjugate it as a verb – it works just like “log” - but it’s a great combining noun. Hell, just look at a few blogrolls to see some of the ways you can monkey with the word.

With that in mind, herewith the latest submission for the Blog D’Elisson Dictionary:

bloggadocio (n) – the (often) testosterone-driven urge to promote one’s blog, often manifesting itself in the form of prominent hit counters, humongous blogrolls, and frequent links to extremely popular blogs with the object of snagging an occasional trackback.

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