Thursday, June 04, 2009


Sammy in Bed
Sammy - the Kitty d’Eli.

Sammy relaxes in her bed and casts a suspicious (and slightly wall-eyed) glare towards the Photographic Interloper.

She’s a one-man cat, Sammy is. Loves Eli... and nobody else. Approach her too closely and the perimeter defenses are activated. You risk having your life’s blood spilled.

Owing to our similar genetic makeup, she will tolerate my presence, as well as that of The Other Elisson. But it is tolerance at best; never affection. Alas.

Update: Friday Ark #246 is afloat at the Modulator.

Still need your Kitty-Fix? Head on over to Adventures in Cat Philanthropy Sunday evening and check out Carnival of the Cats #273. [Is Cat Philanthropy the same as Ailurophilia? Inquiring minds want to know.]

Update 2: CotC #273 is up.

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