Monday, November 03, 2008


One of the best things about the arrival of Election Day tomorrow is that it means the end of the relentless campaign advertising by Georgia senatorial candidates Saxby Chambliss (the incumbent) and Jim Martin.

Virtually every commercial break on the Glass Teat features an ad for Mr. Chambliss, followed immediately by an ad for Mr. Martin. Or vice versa. And the ads on both sides are uniformly negative, packed with half-truths, misrepresentations, and outright lies.

Martin’s ads accuse Chambliss of giving tax breaks to businesses that ship jobs offshore, of supporting a new 23% tax. They don’t bother to mention that the 23% tax would replace the existing income tax.

Meanwhile, Chambliss accuses Martin of voting against sex offender legislation and for partial-birth abortion. They don’t bother to explain why the sex offender legislation was draconian and unworkable, with provisions guaranteed to drive criminals underground and off the public radar.

Why not just take it to the next level?

“Saxby Chambliss is a drooling, gaping asshole. I’m Jim Martin, and I approved this message.”

“Jim Martin is a cunt. A weeping sore on the fundament of the great State of Georgia. Plus, he has a tiny dick. I’m Saxby Chambliss, and I approved this message.”

As if the TV ads were not bad enough, the barrage of phone calls makes me want to yank my hair out by the roots...after having set fire to it. Smart, these politicos, exempting themselves from having to comply with the federal “Do Not Call” list legislation.

Well, fuck the both of you...and the horses you rode in on.

Shame on all y’all. You make me wonder why I should bother voting...and that’s the real shame.

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