Wednesday, February 27, 2008


The Momma d’SWMBO got an unexpected phone call last night. It was her friend Bernie from Henderson, Nevada, checking in.

Bernie is a friend of relatively recent vintage. Momma and her husband David had met him during their last trip to Las Vegas, having been introduced by David’s son, a full-time resident there. They all must have hit it off pretty well, since Momma and David spent a whole day out at Bernie’s, hanging out, admiring his paintings. (“Weekend” sounded better in the post title.)

David and Bernie are contemporaries, their ages being within a year of each other. [And Bernie is exactly six days younger than Eli, case you wanted another useless piece of data.]

Bernie was fairly well known in his day, as it turns out. No Oscars adorn his shelves, but it’s not for lack of trying: over the past 59 years, he’s been in 110 films. Some of ’em with some Big Names, too. Kirk Douglas, Laurence Olivier, Marilyn Monroe...hell, he even did a Roman bath scene with Olivier that was considered so salacious Back In The Day that it was suppressed for years. Those were days when Hollywood could be downright prudish. Imagine that.

Elvis’s famous DA haircut? Got it from Bernie, he did.

A busy guy, for sure. Busy enough to have been married five times. Five! And he even has a kid in the business. For a while, she was a name in slasher flicks: perfectly understandable, given one of the better-known roles her mother played.

But Bernie is a sweetheart. Calling SWMBO’s Momma just to say hello, and all.

Definitely a mark of Curtis-y.

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