Wednesday, July 21, 2004


...of Sarcasm.  These last three days have been hell on Younger Daughter, starting Monday when, for no apparent reason, the City of Savannah shut off her water.  Seems something got overlooked (what, we have no idea) in early May when her erstwhile roommate decided to split and the service was transferred over to her name.  After merrily supplying water for almost three months, suddenly the Water Boys wanted a deposit... but rather than notifying the M of S that they needed her to bring in a check, they simply cut off the H2O.  Frantic phone calls ensued.  A breakneck trip to the Water Boys’ offices before closing time Monday - to no avail, since they wanted her to bring a copy of her lease.  So no water Monday night.  Tuesday, deposit paid, but still no water.  It seems a leaky toilet valve (we think) was causing water to flow, in which case the Water Boys will not reestablish service for fear of causing a flood.  It took until this afternoon to get matters set straight... whereupon Younger Daughter’s printer ran out of ink... and, icing on the cake: her car would not start.  DOA. 

All of this with a frantic studio schedule and midterms going on.  It’s always something, innit?

It’s hard to offer much consolation from 260 miles away.  J knows that we will all laugh about this one day.  But not right now.  Life is no fun without water - or transportation.  The only comfort is in knowing that, like a kidney stone, “this, too, shall pass.”  


Anonymous said...

Why do I have to join this to comment?
If I join, what does this entitle me to?
More annoying 'Send this to 10 people so you can think you have 10 friends who will send back to you?'
Wondering in Jackson, NJ

Elisson said...

I think you can post anonymously if you don't want to sign you have. Blogspot is probably just a cheap-ass operation and they want to slip some ads in front of you; who knows.

Anonymous, nothin' - I know you, Jackson, and I know where you live.Thanks for stoppin' by!