Wednesday, October 27, 2004


One time, Dad (the Eli in “Elisson” in case you were curious) and Toni were out to dinner in New York City at some reasonably swanky restaurant. At some point during the meal, Toni excused herself to go to the Ladies’ Room. She came back a few minutes later, a bit shaken.

It seems that when she went in there, there was an enema bag, complete with rubber hose, hanging up in one of the stalls. A real “What the f&%#ck” moment, to be sure.

Now, I know some folks just dote on those Upper Colonics, but just how twisted do you have to be in order to give yourself an enema in a public restroom?

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Maven said...

I don't know about the type of person who administers an enema in a public bathroom; however, my co-irker, JabippyLoo, often reminds me of the time she gave herself a Fleet Enema and then IMMEDIATELY went to the Danbury Fair.

PS: Was it a disposable enema, or was it one of those old timey, red rubber bladder types with the long rubber tube? It's possible the person used that as a douche and was preparing for some post-prandial sexcapades.